President Reuven Rivlin narrates our next video

Our next video on Zionism in Animation is almost ready. The topic this time is: Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the great Zionist leader and thinker. We are honored to announce that this video will be narrated by none other than President Rivlin (in Hebrew ) and former Foreign Minister and Minister of Defense Moshe Arens (in English ).

President Rivlin is known as an admirer of Jabotinsky and his writings while Mr. Arens,who was head of the Beitar movement in the United States as a youth, was in fact one of the last people to meet Jabotinsky in a Beitar summer camp in New York in 1940 where he passed away. The new video tells the story of Ze'ev Jabotinsky and was created for the Menachem Begin

Center in Jerusalem.

A peek to the video

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