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President Rivlin talks about Ze'ev Jabotinsky
Ynet. 24.12

The president comemorates 'Zee'v Jabotinsky Day' celebrated in Schools in Israel,
lendingas his voice as the narrator for "10 facts about Jabotinsky" - the influential zionist leader.

Zionism in Animation

The Jewish Press. April 2015

The first video ‘How Israel Was Born’ was released to coincide with Israel’s 67th Independence Day and is meant to inform Israelis and people around the world about the story of Israel’s founding. A few years ago, a survey of Israeli students found that 60% of respondents did not know the name of Israel’s first prime minister.

New Animation Marking 39 Years Since IDF Entebbe Raid Features Former Commanders (VIDEO)

The Algemeiner.July 2015

A new animated short about Israel’s famed Operation Entebbe in 1976 features narration from commandos who were involved in the daring and successful hostage-rescue mission in Uganda, 39 years ago on Saturday.

The Entebbe Raid: Now in Animation, Too

Arutz Sheva. July 2015


Commandos involved in the daring raid provide commentary for video produced for its 39th anniversary.

Back to Enttebe

nrg. July 2015


39 years after the operation, the young generation can learn about one of the most famous operations in the history of the Jewish state through a new animated clip. "a story of courage and camaraderie"

Shlomo Blass on Channel 2 News

Channel 2 Night news (Heb). July 2015


An exciting attempt to bring the history of Zionism to life through animated clips. The goal – educating the younger generation through short, modern and entertaining clips.

Operation Enttebe like you've never seen before

Mako. July 2015


A new clip featuring soldiers who fought in Entebbe, presents the military operation in 3 minutes through animation. The people behind 'Zionism in Animation' are already working on more animated Zionist stories.

Israel’s Boldest Counter Terror Operation Ever

Jewish Standard. July 2015


This video encapsulates the drama and intrigue surrounding Israel boldest rescue operation ever undertaken

Toon Pitch Zionism to millennials

Times of Israel. April 2015


Filmmaker hopes hundreds of videos will strengthen Jewish sense of belonging to Israel

Zionism in Animation: Bringing Hasbara 20 21st Century

Israel National News. March 2015


New crowdfunding campaign looks to engage Jews around the world by telling the 'inspiring' story of Zionism - in animation.